Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Starbucks Plans To Close 61 Of Its 84 Coffee Shops In Australia

Announcing its plans yesterday, Starbucks has committed to keeping just 23 stores open in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, meaning that the ACT, South Australia, and Tasmania are likely to lose all of their Starbucks. The closures would see the loss of at least 14 other stores in the states it will maintain operations in.

To be honest this is no big deal to the average Aussie, Starbucks coffee is rubbish. We have such a great history of good coffee here anyway, thanks to the mass immigration of Greeks and Italians after the Second World War.

It was quite funny to see all the Americans here for the Olympics in 2000 bringing their Starbucks coffee with them, at least it kept them out of our decent coffee shops so we could still get one.

Guess that’s the latte factor hitting them big time?

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  1. Anonymous30/7/08 19:01

    I totally agree, Starbucks is crap.

    I'd much rather give my money to small decent coffee shops who make a nice coffee!

    S X

  2. Yeah the coffee in SB is average yet they cost to much!

  3. Must admit I've never had a Starbucks coffee but I think the closures are a sign of the times unfortunately :(

    I do have a fantastic coffee machine though (one of my naughty credit card purchases) and although there is strictly no more credit in my life that is the one purchase I've never regretted :)

  4. yea. a sign of bad times indeed. starbucks certainly excel not in their coffee but in their branding. they revolutionize coffee drinking and establish a coffee lifestyle that has got the whole world addicted to. that's why they are where they are today. but then again i guess no one is really immune to the economic bad times.


  5. Starbucks is doing really poorly, but I have read that McDonald's is doing reallly wel..

  6. Anonymous31/7/08 03:37

    I'm sorry I'm laughing, that's pretty "good news" if you prefer unchained shops like me!! Although I do feel bad for those who lose their jobs. Hopefully they get a good redundancy package!

  7. yes, couldn't agree more, I feel for the people losing their jobs but the coffee is crap.

  8. I personally won't miss Starbucks. I do go there occasionally, but I could definitely live without them. My pastor refers to them as FourBucks. :-)

  9. Glad to see I'm not alone in my 'meh' about Starbucks closing down so many stores here.

    They're my second last choice of coffee options, just slightly ahead of Gloria Jeans, which is even worse!

    That said, the one near Hyde Park in Sydney was pretty good for people watching.

  10. It couldn't happen to a nicer company. My hope is for them to be joined by the other alleged 'food' outlets purveying chemical- flavoured sub- standard over-advertised products which litter our cities. No wonder we are catching up to USA in the obesity and damaged heart department.

    I am sorry for the poor staff who wouldn't even have been on an award and had to work in close proximity with the products and the "american dream'.