Monday, 9 February 2009

Bushfire Appeal

I have to say that after an incredibly sad weekend watching the devastation unfold in Victoria, I’m really impressed with how my company has responded to assist those impacted by the fire and to assist them in their efforts to try and rebuild their lives.

As of this morning:

  • Portable mobile base stations are being prepared for deployment and field staff from NSW and South Australia are on standby to assist with the efforts. Dozens of mobile base stations in Victoria were damaged leading to pockets of the mobile network being off the air, when communications are a vital part of the fire fighting and recovery process.

  • To assist customers who have lost property as a result of the bushfires, the company will be wiping all charges on all their services for up to 3 months effective immediately.

  • In addition, the company will be offering free Prepaid mobile handsets with recharge credits to the value of $1000, to customers who have had either their home phone or mobile services disrupted.

  • A Bushfire appeal is being set up specifically for staff to make a pre-tax donation through salary sacrifice. The company will match funds donated by staff.

If you would like to make a donation you can do so online through the Australian Red Cross.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Ugly Truth – Day 523


  • Personal Loan: -$15,000
  • Credit Card 1: -$6000
  • Credit Card 2: -$7100
  • Credit Card 3: (transferred to Card 4)
  • Credit Card 4: -$15,888
  • Credit Card 5: (paid in full)
  • Credit Card 6: (paid in full)
  • Credit Card 7: (paid in full)
  • Credit Card 8: -$4,435


  • Emergency Fund: +$2,000
  • Car Fund (Maintenance & Registration): +$0
  • Short Term Goal Fund: +$0
  • Home Deposit Fund ($60,000 Goal): +$0
  • UK Tour Fund ($5,000 Goal): +$0

Total: -$48,423
Debt reduced from last Dec 2008: +$3010
Debt reduced from Sep 2007: +$8,349

I've cracked the $50,000 barrier at last - hurrah! I’m also on track for reducing my debt by at least $12,000 in 2009.

I've sacrificed my short term goal fund as part of this result though, the bed can wait a couple of months, but I really want to make a dent on that personal loan this year. Same for the home deposit fund, I do want to start building that from this month month though as the interest rates are just so low now.

I’m also going to roll Card 2 onto Card 3 this month, the interest rates are pretty much the same, so for simplicity and one less payment each month (even though it will be larger of course) it’s worth it.

I've been throwing everything I have at my personal loan at the moment as it’s got the highest interest rate, but I’m also considering a switch to paying a percentage of each debt each month, I can currently afford 4% of the current balances, and still save money for my other goals.

Decisions decisions…

Roll on payday.

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