Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I Love My Posh Garden Centre

Why on earth am I spending regular time at my local posh, ‘used for photo shoots by major publications’ garden centre, I'm supposed to be saving money right?

The main reason is I just love it there. Living in an apartment, I have limited outdoor space and this centre is huge. Half of the place is the nursery where you can buy all manner of plants and pots etc, but it’s also got a huge display garden with different styles of gardens to wander round and enjoy, everything from ultra modern rock gardens to an organic vegetable garden, complete with chooks! (Chooks = chickens for the non Aussies)

Second, they have an art gallery, and a cafe that does great coffee and food. Sitting out on the terrace with a latte and my buddy looking over the gardens is a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning. Often her almost two year old joins us to ‘play ladies’, and the sight of her hooking into her baby-cino with such gusto never ceases to make me laugh.

Third, that coffee we have? It’s FREE! The centre has a club you can join (also FREE) which entitles you to a complimentary coffee each month – nice huh? The art gallery is also free, as are the gardens to wander around in at your leisure.

Last but not least is the newest and now most powerful attraction I discovered on my last visit. They have an allotment garden for the local community! They have 6 spaces available to members to put their names down for and when it’s your turn you get 3 months to grow things in your plot. I have of course put my name on the list to get my own plot, it’s very exciting!

There was a lovely old man watering his plot last time we were there and he was telling us he and his wife had recently downsized to an apartment after always living in a house, so this was an ideal solution for him to continue to enjoy gardening without having too much to manage on his own.

Yes it’s only 3 months when I eventually get one (unless no one else has their name down for the next session), but I still think with the right research and careful plant selection I should be able to produce some great veg, and enjoy every minute of getting my hands dirty.

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  1. OMG! I'm jealous! Everything I grow dies a sad, sad death. Good luck with it - I'd love to be able to grow a veggie garden!

  2. Thanks! I have a hay-uge gardening crush on Peter Cundall’s garden in the Tassie Botanical Gardens and have wanted to do something 'growy' for a while now.

    I have plants in pots at home but they're all incredibly stylish succulents (jades mainly) and architectural mother in laws tongues bought in my previous life.

    I have excellent taste, but limited space! *lol*

  3. Hi! I came here from drop12.com. Living in New York, I certainly understand what it feels like to have limited outdoor space! Enjoy the Centre!

  4. I love gardening, although I am still very much an amatuer. Some things I have found to be very easy are zucchini, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli, and radishes.
    Right now I have one cauliflower just about ready to pick and I am picking snow peas as I need them.
    It's an incredibly relaxing hobby, and has the bonus of being frugal.

  5. Gardening is good for the soul :) Love it.

    What an awesome garden centre, I would be hanging out there too.

  6. sounds like a great place to hang out, and free is even better. I love the idea of the garden plot.