Thursday, 26 March 2009

So Very Very Tired

Things have been completely manic at work for the last few months. I did however just launch my first product! With that come all the pressures of ensuring the back end systems and processes are supporting the sales of the product, plus working with the communications teams to get the message out to the world.

Very exciting, but completely exhausting.

I guess the ‘good’ news is we’re so busy at work and will continue to be (I'm now preparing my next product) that there’s not much chance of being made redundant any time soon, job security worry would tip me over the edge at the moment.

With all this going on my debt reduction focus has been drastically compromised (as demonstrated by the tumbleweeds rolling around my blog), one person can only do so much at one time well and stay sane.

That said I’m still chipping away at it, thank goodness for automatic payments!

I have my UK ticket all booked and paid for, and my funds are shaping up nicely, I’m quietly confident I won’t have any credit card debt relating to the trip by the time I get back, which is fantastic. I can't promise I won't have a new handbag though...

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