Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Work Perks – Free Food And Entertainment

We often joke in my team at work that you can eat for free at Monday to Friday if you play your cards right, and this week seems to be no exception.

There are over 300 people on my floor so there seems to be a birthday at least once a week or so, sometime more, so that equals free birthday cake. There are 3 scheduled this week alone. One of the perks of having Marketing and Sales on the same floor, I've no doubt; there’s always money for cake!

If there’s a launch of a new plan or product that equals a launch party so there’s at least cake, but the last couple of launches provided not only cake but hot food as well! If it's a bigger launch we'll usually get free chocolate bars or cupcakes as well.

Yesterday we had our monthly treat delivered to our desks, which were small packets of biscuits (cookies for the non-Aussies). In previous months it’s been instant soups, nuts and raisins, and fancy instant coffees (yuck, I don’t do instant).

There’s always free Twinings tea available in the kitchens on every floor, both Irish Breakfast (the CEO is Irish - coincidence?) and Green varieties.

I've got a team lunch today as our product was just voted the best in Australia (yay us), so the big boss is taking us all out for lunch at a local steak house, so free lunch (steak at that!) today.

Tomorrow I've off to a free screening of the new Batman movie The Dark Knight, at the cinema that’s right across the road from where I live, which also includes free choc tops, popcorn and drinks, a huge saving from an entertainment perspective.

I won a bet with my boss about how well a campaign would perform, so that’s another free lunch tomorrow for me – hurrah!

On Friday we've got a team off site that’s fully catered, so that’s a total of three free lunches this week, and better ones than I’d have packed for myself, so I've got to be happy with that.

Last week we had the top four dancers from So You Think You Can Dance come to the campus and put on a show ahead of their tour around Australia.

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

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  1. Yikes! The food's not so great, though! Free or not! Don't you want good food as insurance for your health? Sorry, diet police, here. I guess if it's only once in a while and it leads to a better budget, it's a good thing.


  2. awesome perks, indeed! can't say no to cake...or steak for that matter :)

  3. Awesome! When do I start?
    Sounds like my kinda workplace :) Lucky you.

  4. Looks like you having great time there. I'm sure you going to enjoy the Dark Knight.. on ebay, the price is about 5times than listed selling price. It is highest in demand now.

  5. Same where I work! Well, it's not quite as often, but at least once per week. We also have a "food cube." Everyone in my group of 12 periodically brings in snacks. Bad for the wasteline, but great for that mid-afternoon pick me up.

    TMF (too much fun!)


  6. What an awesome place! You don't work at Google, do you? They have some of the best perks going around, free messages, lunches, and even laundry!

  7. It sounds more like a constant party than work, lol

    I'd weigh 500 pounds if I had that kind of food around me all the time

  8. Hey! Droppin' by from Drop12.com. You are sooooo Lucky! I'm actually waiting to see the Dark Knight next weekend cause I want to see it at the IMAX! Woo hoo! However, I probably wouldn't mind seeing at the Alamo Draft House here in Austin, TX because then I can enjoy eating and viewing the movie! :D Well, Hope to see your blog featured on Drop12.com more often. I get paid to view blogs there lol!


  9. Rick Vaughn28/7/08 11:06

    Thats one way to look at it. But cake will make you fat and the $1,000 doctor bills from depression are not far behind. Best of luck!