Friday, 30 November 2007

November in Review

November closed out Q1 of my debt reduction ‘financial year’ (what am I like?) OK. Even with a few bumps along the way I think I've pulled things back into line after the mess that was October.

First of all let’s see how I did with my:

November Challenges

  • Maximise debt snowball payments this month – Done!, the numbers are definitely down this month.
  • Live to new budget – Done! I’m a complete convert to the envelope system for bills/purchases that can’t be automated.
  • Stash $300 into starter emergency fund – Done! Granted I have an ‘emergency’ next month with moving, but at least it’s in there waiting to be used.
  • Send off 'find my super' paperwork and consolidate all my superannuation into one account – Half Done - found all the super, but haven’t rolled it over yet.

Savings Identified and Actioned

No additional savings found this month

Big Wins

No Big Wins this month

Little Wins

Hurdles And Dips

Need to move before January 24, 2008. I was paying way below market rate for the rent on my unit so I’ll be looking at at least an extra $45 a week ($195 a month) when I move, which will slow the snowball somewhat.

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  1. you have really made heaps of progress in such a short time. it feels like you are on a roll right now.
    I hope the house hunting goes well and that you can get it sorted before the Christmas hols,

  2. thanks louise, I hope so too! I think I've finally turned a corner with the debt thing now and I'm really committed to making a serious dent on my numbers in 2008.

    I just hope I can find somewhere before Christmas!