Saturday, 17 November 2007

60 Days Notice To Vacate

Got home last night from a business trip to find the landlord has given me 60 days to vacate my unit. I need to be out by January 24, 2008. Great.

He advised he’s not willing to issue a new lease (I’d been on a month to month lease for 6 years), so the flat hunt begins. I was upset for a short while, but now I see it as an opportunity to move on to something new.

The downside is I’ll have to pay a lot more rent per week than I’m currently paying due to the Sydney rental market being what it is, and that’s going to put a bit of a dint in my debt repayment for the short term, not to mention the costs associated with moving. They are not abandoned of course; it’s just that till I’m set up in my new place the snowball amount will be diminished considerably.

Having done a quick search this morning, I’m looking at a rent increase of anywhere between $15 and $45 a week, depending on where I’m willing to relocate to.

I’m also so grateful that I have had a focus on eliminating debts over the last few months as I’m in a much better place to cover all the costs with cash over credit where possible. Had I done nothing, I wouldn't have even had any available credit, and it would have been a disaster!

Moving somewhere cheaper isn't really an option for me as any savings in rent would be eaten up in extra travel costs to work.

It’s also a little bit of a relief to know that I won’t need to spend another sweltering February in a west facing top floor unit with no air-conditioning!

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  1. Isn't it always something for heaven's sake?
    Gosh, I'm glad that you are much more prepared for this turn of events, through reducing your debts the last few months!
    This is a new door (literally) opening for you and it will probably open other opportunities for you as well!
    My thoughts and well wishes are with you!

  2. Thanks Dawn and welcome! I know I was a bit thrown when I saw the letter, the first thought was about how this was going to stuff up my great November debt reduction plans.

    Then after I'd got pat the emotional side of things I saw it for the opportunity for a fresh start that it is.

  3. I can't imagine getting a letter like that.. did you know it was coming at some point? That's kind of crazy.. But yes, new beginnings are good... it will be a fresh start and that can't be a bad thing :)

    On a side note, it's weird to read "sweltering February" ... When I think of February, I think freezing :) ... I didn't realize your seasons were so different... learn something new everyday!

  4. Hi Kimberly, welcome!

    I wasn't entirely surprised by the letter. The rental market in Sydney is very strong at the moment (for landlords), and being on a month to month lease means they can give you 60 days notice at any time. It’s a challenge as there are lots of people looking and not many places available.

    I suspect they’ll get me out, give the place a quick refresh (there has been no maintenance or cosmetic changes done on this place in 10 years) then rent it for an extra $50 a week at least.

    As for February, yep, we have our seasons reversed; we go to the beach at Christmas! :-)

  5. wow, good thing you had got some of the cleaning and declutering done,that will make it a bit easier.
    prices in sydney are just so high. hope you find something good.

  6. Absolutely louise, it’s one less burden. Though why I had to bother when he obviously knew he was going to chuck me out anyway, I don't know...

    That said I really need to declutter the whole apartment (inside cupboaards etc) in the next 2 weeks or so, but being able to think ‘do I want to pay a removalist to move this?’ when making keep/don’t keep decisions will help me to be ruthless.

    Not to mention a new place with no clutter can only be a good thing right? :-)