Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Superannuation Hunt Update

I've had great success with tracking down my superannuation accounts from old jobs so far. The account from my years in hospitality (harks back to the inception of the Superannuation Guarantee), has been located and I’m awaiting the amount and details for transferring it.

Payroll at work have advised 2 more days in regards to the super from my first 8 and a half years at my current company (I was retrenched, and then went back a year later). I had a different employee number so it’s a separate account that I’d lost track of.

I've also found the $1897 from my ‘year in the wilderness’ when I worked in an insurance call centre for six months as I had been unemployed for six months and was going mad. I actually made pretty good money there really, plenty of weekend shift penalties to be had plus commissions.

It’s quite nostalgic talking a walk through your career path, to see how far you've come and how you got there.

I’ll really be able to assess how I’m tracking for retirement once it’s all in one spot, which I’m really looking forward to (who knew super was so exciting!).

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