Saturday, 27 October 2007

Ouch! October Is Not Shaping Up Well At All

Just started running some of my numbers for what October is going to look like (for my Ugly Truth post on November 1) and I think I may have in fact INCREASED my debt this month, putting me back higher than when I first started on September 1!

Not good at all.

I know that November will be a good month, with the extra pay period, and the salary increase to top things up, but I never thought I’d see my numbers go up, and my first months effort get completely wiped out.

November is going to have to be a very focused, frugal 30 days to maximise those opportunities I do have to come out ahead over all.


  1. Hi DD
    I've fallen foul of the budget this month too. I guess the only way is up :)

    Re cashback sites I've found one based in Australia for you

    Hope that helps

  2. thanks Jo, I've signed up, now to see if I can make myself any money!