Sunday, 28 October 2007

Does Daylight Saving = Cost Savings?

Are you a fan of daylight savings? I certainly am, and not just because there’s a ‘savings’ in there! :-)

It’s been a long time coming this year and for the last 3-4 weeks it’s been getting light so early that Angus has been waking me up as early as 4am!

So sleeping in until what is now 7am this morning felt like quite the luxury, even with the clocks going forward so we'd actually ‘lost’ an hour.

Getting a good night’s sleep again will help me be more alert and focused when I get to work, which can only be a good thing in a new job. In the last week everyone in the team was a bit 'off' and we’re all convinced it was the sun being up too early in the morning.

The other advantage of daylight savings is it will be light when I’m coming home from work, so I’ll feel a lot happier walking home, which will save bus fare at least a few times a week.

If I walk home 10 times a month, that’s one less $13.60 TravelTen I need to buy. Walk home 20 times a month (basically every work day) and that’s 2 I don’t need, for a saving of $27.20 a month, plus some free exercise. Bargain!

It’s something for me to consider, maybe every second day to start with, then see how I go…


  1. Very nice blog, chalk me up as a new regular reader.

    I run an Australian finance blog over at, feel free to have a look over and perhaps comment :)


  2. Hi Colin and welcome! I'm so jealous of your blog's name, it's just perfect for an Aussie money blog.

    I was very unadventurous when I kicked this off, kicking myself a bit now.

  3. good for your health too if you do the walking, I need to do some walking myself,

  4. Not to mention it's free exercise at that Louise! :-)

  5. With daylight savings, you also save on the obvious things like not having to turn on the lights for a longer period. I love this time of year, when you can do more outdoors activities!

  6. Absolutely tehnyit, it's 7pm here now and I don't have the lights on at all yet!