Tuesday, 23 October 2007

New Job New Opportunities

I started my new job yesterday!

Everything went well on my first day, the usual getting my desk set up and spending time with the new team I'll be working with. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into the new work and learning new skills. Aussie readers may even see the results of my work in new offers from a certain company over the coming months!

I also received an email from the payroll department. I'm not switching to monthly pay until December, so that means 3 fortnightly pay periods in November - hurrah! This should help the debt payments along quite well.

As I'd thought I was going to switch to monthly pay in November, I'd pre-paid an extra two weeks rent and stashed $400 for expenses in that transition period. I can now use all of that extra money, plus the two weeks worth of rent money to throw at my debt next pay, which will be very nice after all the outgoings due to the inspection in October.

Shame it's not until the 2nd of November as October's numbers are going to be very ordinary...

The increased salary means I can also make a real start on my starter emergency fund. My goal is to have that $1000 stashed away by the end of February 2008.

I've also started contributing 1% of my pre-tax salary to my superannuation, bringing it to a total of 10% of my pretax salary when combined with the government 9%. I'm not going to feel that 1% as it's starting with the first of my increased salary payments, so looking forward to playing an active part (if only in a tiny way)in my retirement funding for the first time.


  1. Isnt it amazing, how, once you get started you find it so much easier to organise your finances? Good luck to you and congrats on the new job, hope it goes well :)

  2. sounds like you are getting on top of the finances, and good idea about the 1% into super, especially when it's not going to be noticed.
    You will have made a really big dent in the debt by Christmas at the rate your going!

  3. Thanks guys!

    I think I'm actually starting to get the hang of this now. I just want November to start though, as October has been a horrible month debt wise. I want to make a big impact in November to make up for it.