Wednesday, 31 October 2007

October in Review

October has not been the heady delight of that first month of managing my money, which is to be expected.

First of all let’s see how I did with my:

October Challenges

  • Track every cent outgoing for the month of October - didn't happen
  • No use of credit cards in October - didn't happen
  • Pay 3 weeks rent each pay in October - DONE!
  • Stash $200 extra each pay in October for living expenses during salary switch – didn't happen
Savings Identified and Actioned

Switched to staff broadband plan = $660 a year saving

Big Wins

No Big Wins this month, but some are not too far away

Little Wins

Hurdles and Dips

Paid over $1000 to get my house in order – literally (and needed to put most of that on credit cards)


  1. Can you have a garage sale? Or a market stall?

  2. Definitely! I live in a unit though, so it's more likely time for ebay!

    I've been wanting to get stuck into selling off the things I no longer want around the house so November is as good a time as any I reckon.