Sunday, 7 October 2007

The best $650 I ever spent

This is Angus, my Scottish Fold cat. Yep, he cost me $650 and I don't regret a cent of it. Oh and yes, this is a professional shot - that I do sorta regret for the lameness and having to admit it's a 'glamour' shot! I'm glad for the photos though.

Back in 2004 I'd been looking for a cat for months. I'd grown up in a house full of animals and had realised that I really missed having a pet.

Lots of research later I discovered the Scottish Shorthair (Folds with pointy ears) after seeing them on Burke's Backyard. Even more searching later, and seeing many Scottish Folds in my quest for a Shorthair, I saw Angus on a breeder website and that was it.

Called and reserved him on the spot (there was an interview process!), and six weeks later he flew up from Melbourne.

One of the conditions of me getting him was to show him for a year, which I did and with reasonable success, he's a Silver Double Grand Champion. I made some good friends from that experience (including the family that were on Burke's Backyard!) and learnt a lot about cats, breeding and show politics. Best in Show has nothing on cat shows, trust me.

He costs me approximately $1 a day to keep, has shredded my couch, and wakes me up at 5am every morning, then proceeds to go and curl up somewhere and sleep for 20 hours a day himself but he's awesome.

It's his birthday today, so I'm going to splurge and buy him a king prawn for his dinner.

I'm not a crazy cat lady, I swear!


  1. Angus is gorgeous! So cute with those floppy ears. I love cats and can't imagine not having one (or two!).

  2. It's kitten season at the moment and it's taking everything I have to not put the call out for a little 'sister' for him.

    He's such fun to have around and come home to.

  3. ChristianPF15/10/07 07:16

    I am not really a cat guy, but regardless, I think pets are one of those great investments that provide a huge return on investment. Obviously it isn't a cash benefit, but as far as enjoyment in life, they provide a whole lot.

  4. Welcome christianpf!

    I grew up in a house with both cats and dogs, so like nthem equally. It's just that in an apartment, and with the hours I work, a cat is a far better option.

    I can't imgaine life without him now, he's family.

  5. Anonymous9/2/08 05:24

    Totally cool cat...