Friday, 11 July 2008

The Wait Is Over – 3G iPhone On Sale In Australia

I break from my usual debt related posting to announce that the first 3G iPhone has been sold in Australia or even the southern hemisphere according to reports. It's actually quite surreal to see all these people I work with every day on the online video.

Yup, I happen to work for the company that sold it, and the last few weeks have been a frenzy of getting everything sorted out for the launch last night. I've been with the company a long time and I've never seen that level of activity around a new product launch before.

I’m really happy for all involved that it went well, especially as it was so cold in Sydney last night (in Sydney terms, no smart remarks from the Canadians saying they’d wear a bikini at 8 degrees Celsius.)

I confess I don’t actually want one, even I could get one free through work if I wanted, crazy right. I send a lot of text messages though, and the lack of keypad or keyboard is a real turnoff for me.

That said, it's only my thoughts, I know there’s a lot of people very happy it’s finally here, and it's a stunning looking phone, so enjoy it!

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