Monday, 14 July 2008

Employee Of The Month – Me!

We had our monthly team meeting last week, and I was awarded employee of the month for leadership and work I’d done of a couple of projects. Go me!

The award gives you $150 to spend on anything you’d like, and you then expense it back to work. I thought it best to not spend the lot on flavoured Absolut, might send the boss the wrong message when he approves the expense claim! *lol*

What to do with it then? I spent some time over the weekend trying to think of something to buy with it and it was the weirdest thing, I couldn't think of anything I want!

I can’t take in a credit card statement and expense $150 of it even if I wanted to, it has to be on something. I did think of that one though.

I was thinking I might splash out on a haircut and colour at a posh salon, but I’m perfectly happy colouring my own hair and just getting the haircut wherever is convenient (I have a very simple haircut).

I could spend it on books, but I’m trying to get rid of all the books I already have and don’t read as it is, and I have an excellent library I go to where I can get everything I want to read for free, so that’s out.

Possibly a new pair of sneakers to jump start my health and fitness efforts? Since I cancelled my never used gym membership a while back I've been meaning to get more walking into my daily routine.

I also wouldn't mind a thermal walled coffee press. As I live on my own, being able to make two cups at a time and keeping that second cup hot would come in handy, especially on weekends.

Maybe new bed linen once I get my new bedroom suite?

Go extreme and take myself off to BridgeClimb? Not too much fun to go on your own though, that's a shared experience I reckon.

What do you think? I’m open to suggestions on what should I spend this windfall on, it was given as a reward for my efforts, so I’d like it to be worth it, but not waste it on clutter.

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  1. what about going to a spa and getting pampered? massage and mani and pedi? it's an amazing experience! i had an hour massage once and it was amongst the greatest things i'd ever experienced! that's what i'd do...pamper yourself for all the hard work you've done!

  2. Congratulations employee of the month. What a nice thing your job does for their employees. You dont see that too much anymore. I am sure you will spend it wisely, lol.

  3. How about if you get a gift card for a store you buy gifts at a lot? That way, when you have to buy a gift, you can use that money and it won't feel like you're buying something you don't need... Though I think it's important you treat yourself to something, even if it's something small. You worked hard for that honor and you should celebrate it.

  4. IMO, use it on a service, as that won't add clutter. You have been good about trimming the fiscal fat, allow a moment of reward so that you aren't tempted to go crazy later.

  5. Anonymous15/7/08 16:10

    Grea news dd..I like the idea of a spa day :)

  6. congrats! I think the new sneakers and the coffee wall press sound good, both things that you will use

  7. Good going being EoM! A couple of us got a similar award some years ago. As we were in a team project, we pooled our money together and did something for the whole team. We realised that everyone in the team really deserved the award rather than a couple of the individuals. The deserving individuals were recognised via the awards but the team enjoyed the spoils.

  8. Please?! Spend it on the Absolute. I would. ;) Vodka martinis - yum, yum!