Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Spending Money On Things That Matter

I bought a new vacuum cleaner a few weeks ago, as my old one just wasn't cutting it any more. I could have gone for the cheapest one, but I decided to buy a good one that would last and do the job properly.

I ended up with a Hoover Hygiene, and even bought it from Godfreys, but I got it much cheaper than their website pricing. I only paid $449 & they even threw in two packs of free bags, which saved me even more.

It really does make a huge difference, not only to how clean the carpets are, but the air quality in the rooms themselves. It’s also got a 2 year full warranty, and can get fixed on site of required.

I think it’s important to not scrimp on things that make a big difference to your quality of life, which will be different for each of us.

It did amuse me to realise that my vacuum cleaner cost 10% of the purchase price of my car! (The car is a 1995 model, and my very first car, so wasn't expensive).

We all spend a lot of time trying to cut costs and reduce spending on items where possible, but where do you personally draw the line and spend your money?

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  2. Just out of curiosity: why didn't you choose a Dyson? I've heard that they are the best.

  3. The only big ticket item I've gone for in the past couple of years was a mattress. I've never had to buy one myself and ended up spending over $600 because laying on the $250 mattress made me so uncomfortable I couldn't imagine getting used to it. Congrats on the vaccum. You're right, those cheap ones never work and having a good one is worth it. Enjoy!

  4. @JW - Everyone talks about the Dyson, but I've heard both anecdotally and from sellers that they're aren't they great over time.

    @sallie's - I agree, a good mattress is an investment in your ongoing health and wellbeing really. That's next on the list for me!

  5. I have a pretty nice vaccuum (not a Dyson or whatever), but it's made a huge difference in my indoor allergies. I love it!

  6. Anonymous28/5/08 04:54

    I just paid $230 for an organic cotton crib mattress for our baby. It was a lot more expensive than the regular mattresses, but you're right - sometimes it's worth spending extra money.

  7. I'm just starting down the frugal path, but I agree that there are definite places to draw lines. What good does it do to buy a cheap vacuum if it doesn't pick up dirt and you end up replacing it after 6 months anyway?

    The owner of a cheap vacuum