Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I’m Out Of The Will!

I know this would normally be a trigger for family drama and concern, but for me it’s actually a very nice compliment.

My sister came up to Sydney last weekend for my birthday (eek, I’m 39 now) and told me she’s written me out of her will. In her words:

‘You’re doing such a good job of getting your financial life and future on track that I no longer worry about you or your future any more.’


Considering she’s one of my greatest financial role models, this meant a great deal to me, but it has made me think about having a will of my own, as I never thought about it much.

Well apart from the time my mother gave me a ‘Will Kit For Singles’ one year for my birthday, which has been a running family joke ever since. I thought it meant she too thought I was destined to die alone. :-)

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  1. Where theres a will theres a way. Get back in her good books - it is better to have financial back up in case you need it later down the line.

  2. Ha! I clicked because I was concerned but then I smiled. It is such a compliment when important people in your life tell you these things, isn't it?

  3. Aww, what a nice compliment. The one from your sister, not the one from your mum. That must have pinched a little?

    Happy Birthday - you and I have our ages in common too. The only problem is, I feel 15 years younger than I am and have (financially) lived accordingly.

  4. A compliment indeed. I keep checking in on you and think you're doing well. Definitely giving me some things to think about.

  5. @racykacy - *lol* I don't need my sisters money if it comes to that, she's younger than me & has a husband & son to worry about before me.

    @nicole - thanks for your concern, glad to be able to show you it's not needed though. The power of a great headline eh? :-)

    @ugly - yep the will kit was a bit 'ouch', but then I realised that if I was to get married it would have been void anyway, so I see it for how it was intended now. Funny old duck she is.

    @grandy - Thanks & welcome! I finally feel like I'm starting to make some progress these days, it's a great feeling.

  6. What a kind gesture from your sis... I will be flattered to be noted as "financially stable."