Friday, 4 April 2008

Washer + My Personal MacGyver = Car Fixed

My car is all fixed! Car Guy came over the other night, took one look at it and said he would be able to fix it himself.

We were in need of a washer to bolt the bumper bar back onto the front of the car, and of course being a girl/renter I didn't have one in the garage. If only you could fix a car with cases of red wine, I'd be all set!

He then spied an ingenious and frugal solution. I had an old lamp with a broken shade stored in the back of the garage. Its shade was glass and had smashed during my move in January, and I wasn't able to get a replacement one. It happened to have a washer type bit on the bottom near the cord. To get to it we had to cut the power cord though so the lamp itself is toast.

I also thought the bulb had gone on the Speedometer, but he suspected I'd just turned the dimmer down accidentally (my car has a dimmer, who knew?) and sure enough that was the problem.

So rather than my expected smash repair expenses, I have a fully functional car again and it only cost me a tall cold glass of Coke Zero and a nice catch up chat with my personal MacGyver afterwards. Bargain!

I don't know what I'd do without my very own MacGyver, spend hundreds of dollars unnecessarily no doubt…

Note: wine was purchased before my debt diet commenced.

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  1. Having a McGuyver is always nice! I don't know what I would do without mine!!!

  2. It sure is nice chelle & savingdiva, he comes in very handy that boy does.

  3. I have one .. if MacGyver lies on the couch watching foxtel all day long ;)

  4. hi dd :)
    sounds like we've both been a bit snowed under lately! I'm glad the car situation got sorted, how is the volunteering working out, and your uni course?

  5. Very nice. I just spent $120 on a "minor service" for my ride. Can I rent McGuyver?

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