Wednesday, 2 April 2008

KFC Made Me Crash My Car

I worked back really late last night to get through some work I'd been pushing aside for too long, and then downloaded some Uni work.

I was really tired and decided to splurge on some KFC on my way home for dinner. So I popped home and got in the car and headed off to KFC. After picking up my food, I hopped back into the car to back out of the spot and head home.

I was absolutely convinced I was in reverse, I distinctly remember looking at the gear changer and everything, but my brain saw D and thought R. I was of course n drive and ran into a wooden retaining wall and rose bush.

I’m fine and the car itself is fine, but I’ll need to spend money getting the front bumper bar fixed, as it’s currently hanging off the front. Classy.

Serves me right buying take away food after a long day at work, I should have gone straight home and made something out of the pantry like a good debt dieter.

Home cooked meals would not have let this happen!

Car Guy is coming over this week to survey the damage, so I’ll know what to do next, but I’m not keen to drive it anywhere until it’s fixed.

I wonder how much that’s going to set me back, at least I have the cash available to pay for it, but man, just once I’d like to be able to leave it in the account for more than a month at a time!

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  1. Bugger. Do you have insurance? We claim damage like that with our insurance company. I've never had to pay for car repairs - not even an excess. Although I think we pay an excess if its my fault. We're with GIO.

  2. No finger licking for a while till the repairs are done to your car.

  3. LOL.. sorry.. "KFC made me crash my car" was just funny

    It makes your body crash too :P internally


    I had KFC last Week on Toonie Tuesdays!!

    I'm surprized i haven't had a Fender Bender cuz I can Smell that Awesome KFC coming a Mile away!!

    Love KFC!! altho I don't like the new Non TransFat crap they cook it in now!!