Monday, 11 February 2008

Ongoing Moving Issues

My old real estate agent is claiming $297 in cleaning costs, $132 for general cleaning and $165 for carpet cleaning. Quite reasonable, until you realised I’d paid an end of lease cleaners $345 to do those things the day I moved out!

I moved out on the 4th January remember, and this has only come up as I’d initiated getting my bond (secuiry deposit for the non Aussies) back 10 days ago as they’d done nothing about it.

So I’ve got the cleaner sending me a receipt (I didn’t get one at the time), and the old real estate sending me the end of lease inspection report outlining all their issues with the place so I can go from there.

One of his comments was interesting, he claims he couldn’t see the lines in the carpet from the carpet cleaner, but I saw the guy actually doing the carpets. So it’s the marks they look for, not that they’re actually cleaned?

It’s most likely going to mean I need to pay the old real estate the $297 so I can get my bond back, and then chase the cleaners for compensation or a refund. Seems I might have been better off not getting it cleaned at all and then just paying the agent to have it cleaned by his people. What a waste of money.

Something to note for future reference though, get the real estates preferred cleaner to do the work next time so they’ll be happy with the results.

So that’s money that won’t be going to pay down debt or fund my emergency account this month…

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  1. Oh that stinks! I hope you get all of your money back. How very sneaky for your previous landlords! Since you have all the physical evidence of having it cleaned right after you moved, I would take them to small claims court if they give any more problems. Every little bit counts in terms of debt payment and it's also the matter of principle here.
    Good luck!

  2. Looking for the lines as evidence that the carpet has been steam cleaned! I can't believe how low these landlords are stooping to!

    It's not like the rental market needs any boosting up!

  3. How annoying! I would wait until you get the end of lease inspection report and then go from there.
    Good luck

  4. You should send all of the cleaning receipts to the realtor