Thursday, 14 February 2008

I’m A Uni Student!

I’ve just completed enrolment for the next semester. I'm enrolled for two subjects, Marketing Theory and Practice, and Introduction to Management.

The subjects cost $710 each for the semester, so $1420.00, plus an additional $231.02 for the textbooks (including delivery). I’ll get 50% of this back from work as part of my paid education perk, and the rest once I complete the subjects with at least a pass grade.

I’m really looking forward to studying again. It’s been a while, and as the course is so targeted at what I’m doing at work, it’s going to be helpful as I learn, not at the end of it all. Not to mention it’s a great reason to be at home on the weekends studying, instead of going out and blowing all my money!

A question now. Is it ethical to sell on those textbooks at the end of the semester if work has actually paid for them, or not? What do you think? I believe I could get 75% of their value back from what I’ve seen around the University online forums.

I wonder if I should eat 2 minute noodles (ramen) every night as well, to experience the full student experience. ;-)

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  1. I think that your out-of-pocket expenses may be tax deductible as it is work related.

    Good luck with your studies.

  2. Sell the textbooks at the end of term and use the money towards your debt. You can claim any expenses not covered by work and also keep receipts for stationary,& printer supplies and claim this on your tax as well.

  3. Well, you can throw in Kraft Mac 'n Cheese to vary it... and the cheapest, crappiest beer and pizza imaginable on weekends! Hot!
    Good luck.

  4. LOL! and you could find someone to do jello shots with. *waves hand" ;)

    Kidding. I'm far too old to carry on like that.

  5. Thanks guys, jello shots, Mac & Cheese & selling on my textbooks are the order of the day!


  6. Anonymous19/2/08 14:48

    Hey Debt Dieter...
    I tagged you with a meme - the info is on my blog - check it out!

  7. I would avoid the ramen. The high sodium content makes my finger swell.

    I would sell back your textbooks on or amazon.