Tuesday, 11 December 2007

I Found A New Home

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picture courtesy icanhascheezburger.com

The real estate that I paid the deposit to on Saturday, called me this morning and the place is mine!

They've offered me a 13 month lease starting from the 28 December, which is just fantastic. The extra month is so it doesn't come up for renewal during the Christmas break, when all real estate agents shut up shop for 10 days here.

Knowing exactly what my rental expense will be for the rest of the year will really help with planning and budgeting, as it’s my largest expense after my combined debt payments. Not to mention it’s a load off my mind knowing I've got somewhere for all of 2008 sorted.

I’m really please that the owner was willing to start from the 28th, as it means I’m only paying double rent for one week, not two.

Let the decluttering and packing begin in earnest.

(In addition every single place I applied for over the weekend called me saying I was successful, 4 for 4 strike rate in this market is pretty impressive - go me!)

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  1. congrats!

  2. thats great news! must be a relief to have found a new place before Christmas, now just the move and a great chance to declutter, will be reading your new blog with interest as I am still decluttering here every weekend.

  3. Thanks louise! I thought that moving house would be a good time to start documenting how and why I get things so cluttered & how I'm gettig out from under it all.

  4. Congratulations on your new home.

    BTW, I've tagged you for the 7 random things meme.

  5. congrats! if it weren't for dinner guests and new leases, i would never clean out my clutter :)

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  7. I'm so glad you found a place:)