Monday, 3 December 2007

Free Ikea! – Well For Me Anyway

Had a great score at work this morning.

The group that sits next to mine had a delivery of about 40 of these Benjamin stools from Ikea. Turns out they thought the PR company they use had hired them for a recent event, but in fact they’d bought them, then sent them to the office after the event.

So they decided to offer them to anyone who wanted to take them. I’d actually been eyeing these off in the catalogue for ages but had never got around to buying them, They would make great casual side tables, plus extra seating for visitors if you’re having a party or BBQ.

So I snaffled 4 of them. Then, one of the girls in my team who took 2 for herself decided she didn't want them after all, so I now have 6, in exactly the colour I would have bought anyway, and saved myself $174!


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  1. It's wonderful to find a pf blog from an Australian!! Great work, I'll be visiting often!


  2. Welcome Karen and thanks. Looking forward to seeing lots of comments!

    There are actually quite a few of us, 'My Journey to Eliminate Debt' is a great one, as are 'Ugly Debty', 'Cheap As Chips' & 'PineappleWatch'.

    There are some great Aussie PF blogs out there, they just take some finding sometimes.