Monday, 3 December 2007

December Challenges

Well here I am at month 4 of my debt diet. It’s also Christmas, New Years and I have to find a new apartment and move in before the end of January!

Nothing like a bit of pressure on the finances to make you realise how much better off you’d be without the weight of over $55,000 in consumer debt eh?

Not putting too much extra pressure on myself this month, but I still want to move forward if only 1 step; so here are my simple goals for December:

  • Cash only for Christmas gifts
  • Cash only for Birthday presents/cards (I have a stack of December birthdays to contend with every year)
  • Snowball something this month (if not the full ball, as many flakes as possible!)
  • Live to new budget for the full first monthly pay cycle (this one actually takes me through to 15 January 2008)
  • Use my starter emergency funds towards moving costs, use card only as a last resort. (I'm being realistic here, if it's using it for this or not getting moved, I'm using it)
  • Consolidate all my superannuation into my current account now I've located it all

Ugly Truth for November to come…

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