Friday, 21 December 2007

Drive By Presents

I was out at dinner with The Car Guy on the other night and we’d agreed no Christmas presents and that we’d pay for each others dinner instead.

It was a lovely night; he’s got lots of things on the boil in his life at the moment so it was great to hear all about them, and it was a warm night so we could sit outside at the restaurant, looking out over the harbour. I told him about all the steps I’m taking to get out from under my debt and he was suitably impressed.

He thinks I should try and buy a place after I’m debt free rather than save a full emergency fund first, so we’ll see how I’m feeling about the whole thing at that point. It’s nice to have people in my non-blog world to be able to open up with about where things are with me financially and feel safe to do so without any judgment.

He offered me a lift home (yay, no cab fare!) and when we got to the car he gave me a present! He claims it’s a flat-warming present for my new place, but it was wrapped in Christmas paper. He’s so naughty, I felt so guilty for not getting him anything.

Has this happened to you this festive season? The present when you’d already agreed no presents?

I've decided not to open it until Christmas day so I’ll have something to open on the day itself.

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