Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas Travel Envy

This time last year I was getting on a plane to fly to Thailand for Christmas. This year I’m off down the south coast of NSW to stay with my sister and her family at their holiday place. I’m perfectly fine with that of course, but sitting here in the office hearing everyone telling each other about their trips ‘home’ makes me a touch envious about their destinations.

My boss is off home to the UK for three weeks, along with what seems like a huge number of other English folk making their annual pilgrimages around my office. I’d never really notice how few locals I actually work with these days! Then there are the New Zealanders jetting off on the weekend. There’s even one guy heading back to France, and a girl off to Mauritius.

At least the en mass return to Adelaide in South Australia eases my envy somewhat. It’s a beautiful city, but it’s a loooong drive from Sydney. My trip is only three hours initially, then on to Canberra for Christmas Eve and the big day itself, then back home on Boxing Day.

I've got no international travel planned for 2008 as it's all about debt reduction, but it's certainly something I want to do more of once I'm debt free.

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  1. Future travel plans are probably the main thing I focus on to help me on my way to being debt free..write a list of places you want to visit and stick it in a prominent place, it helps.

    I'm sure you'll have a great Xmas anyway, it's a great feeling knowing that you haven't gone into debt to pay for it!

  2. I get it. I don't even know HOW I could possibly travel anywhere next year. And I was hell bent on doing the New York Marathon. That may need to wait a year. I'll get there! Happy holidays.

  3. I love it down the south coast, may head down there for a few days myself later in january, enjoy the beaches and have a great Christmas