Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Two Things That Made Me Smile So Far This Week

1: I was talking to my sister on the weekend and we got talking about money stuff again, my moving costs, her recent major purchase (in cash) and how I’d tracked down some of my rogue retirement funds.

She said she was so happy to hear the self esteem and confidence in my voice these days, particularly when I talk about my finances, and that she was proud of me for getting stuck into sorting it out for myself, by myself.

(This is the same sister who questioned my need for such a large 'dream' emergency fund)

2: Rang Mum and Dad to let them know I’d be moving soon (hopefully). Without hesitation Dad offered money to help with the various moving expenses, bless him. I was so chuffed to be able to say ‘No thanks, I'll be OK”.

Sure, I may need to use a credit card again for a short time (until I get my bond back etc), but I’m not even entertaining borrowing money from my retired parents, nor do I need to! I could hear he was pleased, not that he wouldn't have been happy or able to lend me money, but that I was able to manage for myself.

Mum was all 'oh, so are you going to sell your stuff on eBay?'

We should never have bought her that computer for her 60th...eBay indeed! *lol*

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  1. it's a good feeling when you start to feel like you're making progress isn't it. Have you found a place to move to yet?

    you mum sounds a bit like my mother-in-law. she is always off learning more about computing,at the moment she's doing photoshop and powerpoint as she does all the presentations for her church group, she is 75 and just does not have time to get old!

  2. Not as yet, I've got 3 places I'd like to look at this Saturday, fingers crossed!