Monday, 12 November 2007

Should I Try And Move My Personal Loan?

I was looking at my HR site for more work benefits to take advantage of, and I've found one that I really think I should investigate further.

We have offers from Citibank called 'Citibank At Work' where we get discounted rates over and above those available to the general public. This one caught my attention:

Citibank Personal Credit

Consolidate your debts with a low 5.9% for life on balances you transfer and a great 12.99% p.a. ongoing interest on purchases and cash advances.

  • $0 Transaction fees and ongoing fees
  • 5.9% for life on balance transfers
  • Low 12.99% p.a. ongoing
  • Annual fee of $69

If I compare this to my current personal loan it seems like a really good deal, one that could save me over $3000 interest over the course of paying it off.

Current Loan

  • $9 monthly ongoing fee = $108 per year
  • 13.45% p.a. (variable)

I would of course actually have to get approved for the full remaining amount of my personal loan, and I have no idea how tough Citibank are, but I think it’s definitely something to look at.

It’s my largest single balance and will be the last debt I pay off, so if I can save interest accumulating along the way then that’s a good thing right?

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  1. that sounds like a good idea, the interest rate is good and will save you a lot. You sound really motivated which is great! How is the decluttering going? I have signed up to flylady to try and get on top of it.

  2. I'm not sure if Citibank would have me though, got nothing to lose by applying though eh?

    The decluttering has been a bit of a haphazard effort. The agent is back on Thursday, so I really do need to get it sorted out over the next 2 days. At least the visible stuff! *lol*

    I think I'm ready to try Flylady again myself, now it's not quite so feral.