Thursday, 8 November 2007

I'm A Volkswagen EOS In Debt!

It struck me today that the amount of debt I'm in is almost exactly the same amount it would cost to buy my 'realistic dream car', a brand new and fully optioned VW EOS.

It was a huge light bulb moment for me, for two reasons. One, I can't believe I let things get so bad that I'm a 'sweet car in debt'. Two, now I'm in such a debt reduction mindset I can't believe that I'd ever spend over $55,000AUS on a car!

That said, by the time I've paid off all my debt and fully funded my emergency fund, I should be able to pick up a second hand one for much less than that. Score!

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1 comment:

  1. Our car broke down last month and I thought about the same thing. With the amount of money that we owe on only one debt $17421. we could have paid cash for a new car!!