Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Work Perks - Wishlist Points

At work we have an internal rewards and recognition programme. You can nominate people for displaying one of the company values within your division, and if approved by their manager they receive Wishlist points to redeem for anything from BBQ’s and trips to the Great Barrier Reef, through to books or a silicon case for your iPod.

I seem to do quite well out of this scheme, as I work on multiple projects at any one time, so have many interactions with people all over the business. I guess I’m also do something right too!

I want to make the best use of my points to help me meet my debt reduction goals, but still have some fun with them too. So if I use them to buy ‘luxuries’ such as magazine subscriptions and things like that, so I can enjoy them and not spend a cent! I’m lucky that the two magazines I actually buy (Real Living and Delicious) are both available on the scheme.

This will save me (or at least avoid me spending) $71.50 for the Real Living & $76.45 a year for the Delicious off their cover prices.

The other bonus is I can use these points to start my Christmas shopping, plus my sister’s birthday which is coming up soon too.


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