Monday, 17 September 2007

Video killed the radio star; and my credit card balance!

I was looking at the outgoings on my various cards over the weekend and realised I was paying for not 1 but 2 DVD subscriptions and not using either of them. Quickflix and VideoEzy to be precise.

Trent over at The Simple Dollar has been running a great series of one hour projects which I've been meaning to do.

One of the projects was to cleanse your monthly bills, which I had already started on my own by cancelling my unused gym membership. So the plan for today is to cancel both of these memberships, which will reduce outgoings on my cards by $36.95 for the Quickflix and $29.95 for the VideoEzy per month, which is an extra $802.80 a year not going mindlessly onto my credit cards.

The more I look into these things the more I'm stunned at my money madness. I really am a shocker and this has been such a revelation for me.


  1. I hear ya' sister. I was SO doing the same thing. Just pissing money away. And when you realise what you're doing, you're just astounded at your stupidity. Well, I was. At mine. :)

  2. I can't believe I have been so stupid. It's been a complete revelation for me.