Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Other ways to pay down debt...


I was offered a new job today (even scored a free lunch as part of the offer too!) which will bring with it a very decent pay rise.

It's very exciting, two interviews and lots of waiting later. Now there's all the HR hoops to jump through but it should be fine.

Obviously any extra take home pay will be going directly on my debts!


  1. That's excellent news! (did you take it btw?)

    I think that many people in debt neglect this seemingly simple solution. It's a big deal changing jobs, but it can be worth it if it allows you to start paying off your debt. It's not always just about budgeting!

  2. @debt consolidation - I certainly did take it & have been working in the new job for almost 6 months now. I just love it.

    I agree, it's not just about budgeting, more income certainly helps if you don't expand your lifestyle to fit it.

  3. Hi,


    Very true. Sometimes no matter how much calculative you are, people still falls a prey to debt.

    After that takes help of debt consolidation sites those comes to help in these situations.

    Here I want to add one more thing is that.... changing job is not always very easy. Some times it becomes a hectic thing and people don't likes to change the job.