Thursday, 11 December 2008

I Have No Words…

I just received an email from my best friend in the UK:

I can't wrap this up any other way, so here it is in an email.

Your combined Christmas and 40th birthday present is your flight to the UK.

Happy birthday and Christmas!

So you'll need to get me dates so I can book, or I can transfer the money to you.

It’s a very green gift because no trees died to make wrapping paper to wrap it. :-)

I’m just so stunned I just had to tell someone!

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    Does she wanna be my best friend?

    God, did you just burst into tears?

  2. What a lovely present, what a great friend!

    When are you coming?

  3. Sounds like a perfect gift!!

  4. oh wow!!! how exciting! that is just such a wonderful present!

  5. UD - I did almost burst into tears. My best friend is actually a he believe it or not. We used to work together about 13 years ago (he was my manager) and have been besties every since.

    no more spending - I'm looking to head over mid May for 3 weeks or so. Not having the ticket component takes a big chunk of the exchange rate sting out of my planning!

    Louise – I’m feeling very loved and lucky at the moment. It seems he’s been in cahoots with my Mum for a few months now working all this out!

  6. I would've been bawling... Wow.

  7. A very touching gift. Maybe I will use this idea for a close friend of mine whom I have not seen in years.

  8. What a brilliant and very generous gift! Fantastic... it would lead me to tears, as well. I like that he had the added insurance of working with your Mom to make sure it would all work out smoothly. What a peach!

  9. -Mid May, we're having a bloggers meet on June 6th, will you still be here?
    you should come :):)

  10. wow laura, I'm actually planning on flying out on the 7th at 10.30pm, so send me the details, I'd love to come along if I can wangle it.