Monday, 15 September 2008

IKEA Heaven

The new IKEA catalogue has landed! A new IKEA catalogue is as exciting to me as a new Apple product launch would be for other people. I just love their stuff and daydreaming about my perfect apartment set up.

I show restraint though and don't actually go into the store unless I have a very specific item to pick up, as it's completely set up for the impulse buyer. It's an incredibly clever marketing and sales strategy really, which I have to appreciate!

My current goal fund for new bedroom furniture will be spent almost entirely at IKEA, and I've now worked out I'll need just under $2,000 to realise my goal. It's a complete refit of my bedroom, with queen bed and latex mattress, bedsides, lamps, a chest of drawers, new pillows, doona (quilt/duvet/comforter) & linen.

Yes it's a lot of money, but the ensemble I'm sleeping on is well over 15 years old, so it's worth spending decent money on something you'll spend a third of your life in. A good night’s sleep helps you in so many ways, from protecting your health to being more focused at work and with your family and friends; it should be invested in wisely.

This weekend will be dedicated to drooling and daydreaming. I may even take the catalogue down to the Posh Garden Centre to enjoy with this month's my free coffee! The weather here is just glorious at the moment, when it's not pouring with rain of course.

Work and study have been so full on the last few weeks; it’s going to be nice to just think about lovely new things for a change.

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  1. I do the same with the Freedom catalogue.

  2. oooh, I love the Freedom catalogue too, and don't get me started on the Oz Design...

    You get more bang for your buck with the IKEA catalogue though, it's thicker! *lol*

  3. Anonymous15/9/08 15:12

    I love love love IKEA!

  4. I spent about $300 at IKEA last month. I got a desk, desk chair, chair & ottoman for my living room, basket, candle holders, strainer, and a spatula!

  5. When we moved into our last flat we had to buy an ENTIRE flat's worth of furniture, as we had absolutely nothing, having just moved from a furnished place. I think we only spent about £2000, which was pretty good seeing how much stuff we got, but most of the day was just spent wondering around in a daze randomly picking things up and putting them down again. I was so scarred by the trip that I've never been back again! Make sure you go with a list!!! :)

  6. I was just in Ikea shopping for a bed and was really disappointed. Maybe it is just me, but I feel like their quality has gone down the last couple of years. Plus once I found the bed I wanted it was just one part you had to buy - my $599 bed quickly was over $1000.

  7. Ikea is fantastic, and I really miss it. We are living in Bulgaria, and there isn't an Ikea to be found selling their awesome furniture in the entire country. Rumor has it that we will get one next year though, so we are crossing our fingers! Ikea is one of the few companies that offers some insurance of a quality product at a reasonable price overall.

  8. Anonymous8/10/08 19:44

    DD, Please post another entry. I find you quite inspirational, and you haven't written anything in the last three weeks. Btw, you are doing so well in confronting your debt and making new and smarter choices with your choices and thus your money. x

  9. Amanda Leigh14/10/08 12:01

    I love the ikea catalog. I do the same thing - dream about what my home will look like.