Thursday, 19 June 2008

Sydney Petrol Prices Hit Record Highs Ouch!

Petrol (what others may call gas) prices reached a record high yesterday, with prices of $1.72 a litre for unleaded petrol.

To put that into perspective for the non-Aussies, that translates to:

  • 6.17 US dollars a US Gallon (= 3.785411784 litres)
  • 3.77 Pounds a UK Gallon (= 4.54609 litres)

That $4US isn't looking quite so bad now is it?

Petrol is always cheaper here on Tuesdays, and was a low as $1.50 a litre (yup, that’s considered low these days) this week, but on Wednesdays it’s been jumping to record highs for the last six weeks. It then stays high for the remainder of the working week, before dropping over the weekend towards cheaper Tuesday.

This means that even with my small 1.6 litre, 4 cylinder hatchback, it will now take just over $50 to fill it, compared to the $35 when I bought it two years ago.

I also use the 4c a litre petrol discount vouchers (what others may call coupons) that we get from the supermarket (if you spend over $30 at one time), it’s only a dollar here or there but it all adds up over time. My local Woolworths is at the end of my street and my local Caltex that takes their vouchers is only 2 streets away, so it’s not like I’m travelling all over to get that dollar.

I’m SO glad I moved so close to work! Walking hasn't increased in price, it’s still free, even on Wednesdays. I haven't had to adjust my petrol budget at all yet, but I only get one fill a month, not two like I used to.

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  1. I guess it shows how ridiculous people in the US are being about $4/gallon! :)

  2. I drive 120k a day 3 days a week to get to work, I used to budget $50 a week for petrol, now I'm budgeting $70- $80 a week. And there is no public transport so no other options but to drive.

  3. Wish I lived where you are at that price, I pay £6 or $12 a gallon for my car in the UK

  4. Rick Vaughn22/6/08 12:31

    Yeah everyone is feeling the crunch it seems. Someone was explaining to me yesterday that ExxonMobile was making a big push in Iraq to open up the oil fields. I hope this will flood the market with some new oil because this is getting ridiculous. How do people who drive for a living stay in business is beyond me.