Monday, 3 March 2008

Closed The Door On The Real Estate Issue

Everything has been resolved with the Real Estate finally.

We agreed to disagree and I’m paying the $297. It seems the cleaners I hired did a pretty ordinary job in terms of end of lease ‘standards’, and because the real estate waited so long to tell me about it (I had to submit the bond request you may recall or I still wouldn't have heard from them!) there was no way the company was coming back to fix anything.

So I was stuck between the two groups and copped the brunt of it financially from both of them. There’s no ruling against me so I’m not on a bad tenant list anywhere (nor should I be!), it’s all quite normal and not a bad revenue raiser I suspect.

I still got over $700 back from my bond money, so I’m writing the $297 off as experience and moving on from here. I like my new place so much better, so it’s a silver lining situation really.

I've also made sure to take photos of every single mark, ding and scrape in my new apartment to cover myself when I move out some time in the future.

I will also be a far more demanding tenant than I have been in the past, for my own sake. I've always let things slide, to not make waves with agents and owners, but not any more. I loathe real estate agents with a passion now. They’re sweetness and light getting you in, ignore you while you’re there, and then treat you like rubbish when you’re moving out.

So that money will be paying for the car service that I couldn't afford in January due to the repairs, and towards my registration and pink slip (which may involve two new front tyres) in May. It will be nice to be able to pay cash for all that lot this year!

One step forward two steps back, at least it’s two steps forward and one step back at the moment in my case, so forward movement overall!

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  1. at least it's sorted out now, very frustrating though.

  2. Absolutely, especially when I know I hadn't done anything wrong, it was the slack timing of the real estate that made all this drag out and cost me extra money. It's finished now though, so time to look forward.