Monday, 4 February 2008

When It Rains It Pours

After a full 24 hours of rain on Sunday I tuned on the TV last night to watch the new season show launches and after several loud cracks my TV died. Completely dead, the tube has gone. I didn’t get to watch a thing.

Assuming it’s the tube as (that’s where the sounds were coming from and it's gone black), is it worth fixing? Probably not. The TV is over 9 years old and had done me proud, so I wouldn’t think they even make parts for it any more?

So I need a new TV, and fast. It’s such a big part of my home entertainment, and has been free (other than electricity costs) up til now.


I have a hot lead on a new 40" LCD though; one of the guys at work used to work for Samsung and is still able to get them at cost. I’ll do some comparison shopping online today to see what the retail price is and how much I'd save that way. A shiny white one is so appealing after a lifetime of black or gray ones.

The other alternative would be to buy one second hand through the Trading Post or on EBay.

Any thoughts on how I should purchase my new TV?

Other than ‘with cash’ of course, that goes without saying! :-)

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  1. Anonymous5/2/08 06:01

    I just bought a new TV from 26' LCD HD Flat screen. I replaced an aging 12 inch color TV.

    Try tiger direct too.

  2. If it's not one thing, it's another! What about ebay?

  3. I have an older TV, but I got it free....check craigslist....

  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys!

    One of the girls I work with had a spare 34cm Tv in her guest bedroom, so she's loaned it to me until I get a new one for myself.

  5. Bummer. But you should be proud you kept a tv for nine years. Considering how long you keep them, you should be able to afford yourself a nice model.