Tuesday, 15 January 2008

I’m Back! So Are My Bills And Debts…

Well I’m all moved in to my new apartment, even though I’m still surrounded by boxes and the week long issues with phone and broadband connections have only just been resolved.

The move cost me an absolute fortune, and I’m glad it’s behind me so I can refocus on eliminating my seemingly ever increasing debt load.

The movers cost twice as much as I expected, pushing the total costs of the move up over the $2500 mark. One of the joys of being single with no family in the city to assist with the moving process. It’s amazing how your friends disappear into the woodwork when the moving word gets mentioned.

Unfortunately, due to lack of emergency funds almost all of this had to go on the credit cards so I've started the New Year more in debt than ever.

That said, I have a shiny new budget in hand, my envelopes at the ready and payday is today, so it’s time to focus on moving my finances to a better location, now I’m all moved myself.

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  1. Welcome back! What a shame about the movers costing twice as much! They should be made to stick to their quote!

  2. Unfortunately they took twice as long as expected, it was 71/2 hours instead of the expected 4 or so and they worked the entire time so it's not like they didn't earn their money.

    The other weird thing was on top of the labour charge there was a per box charge that I wasn't prepared for, that threw me a little, but they'd already moved me so it was too late.

    Live and learn I suppose...

  3. Hi good to see you back! unexpected costs like that are frustrating but I suppose at least they worked hard so the money was well spent.

  4. Moving is such a hassle! Good luck with your budget going forward!

  5. Anonymous16/1/08 09:54

    I missed your posts...
    I say new move~new day~new~beginning~one step at a time and you'll do fantastic!
    Good Luck and God Bless in 2008!

  6. Thanks guys, it great to be back on board again!

  7. Anonymous16/1/08 17:29

    Welcome back! Ouch about the moving costs.

    Good luck in your new home:)

  8. I found your blog through another person's. Anyway, I feel your pain on the moving part. I sold my house and moved into an apartment back in Nov and to my great surprise, a bunch of coworkers showed up to help me. Add in my family members and we had 9 people to help load/unload the uhaul. I am moving again in a month and hopefully those same people will at least help me load it up. I'll be down to only family helping once I get to the new city but still any bit helps. Moving is the absolute worst thing to do so I can understand how people "dissappear" during this time. Though that doesn't make them great friends in the end.

  9. Moving your finances to a better location... Surely the title of an e-book???

    Your welcome ;)

  10. I'm glad you have managed to stay so positive! With all that out of the way, the year can only get better...

  11. @iva - thanks so much I appreciate it!