Tuesday, 22 January 2008

How I Received $678.14 With One Phone Call

As I was unpacking yet another box last night, I found a couple of old holding statements for shares in the company I work for. These were very old, 7 years in fact and to be honest I couldn't even remember if I’d sold the shares or not.

So I called Computershare this morning and found that I actually still have 1280 shares in my company and they've tripled in value since then – sweet! That’s not the only good bit, as I’ll hang on to them for now with the share market being as all over the place as it is.

The really good bit is I’d moved twice since these were issued and I hadn't received any dividend cheques during that time, so I’m having them reissued for the entire time I've held the shares, which translates to a cheque for $678.14! Which will of course go straight towards paying off debt.

It demonstrates yet again just how clueless I was about my money before I chose to become conscious of my financial position and do something about it. I've now updated my mailing address and should see future dividends come through (assuming the company does well), so I can also put them straight into debt reduction.

The move is unearthing all manner of goodies!

Have you been through your papers lately? Are you sitting on a potential windfall? It’s worth having a look just to be sure!

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  1. Oh how great for you! I wish I had forgotten about $678.14, but alas, I dont think I have :)

  2. Anonymous22/1/08 17:25

    Great for you!
    I have no money left anywhere, although last year I did manage to trace an old pension that is worth £300 a year when I'm 65:(

  3. Wow! At least you checked up on it!

  4. a year or two ago i found an old life insurance policy my parents had opened for me when i was an infant. It kept renewing using the dividends from the policy, so its been going strong for about 30 years. If i cash it out now it'll be worth about $3000.

  5. Nice one Pete! Found money is always such a mixed feeling, greata that your've found it but a bit sad that you forgot about it in the first place...