Friday, 14 September 2007

Move Changes - Brown Bagging It

My company just moved locations from the CBD to a more suburban technology park. This series will outline the money related changes I’ve made for myself as part of the move.

I was a notorious breakfast buyer, which normally consisted of:

  • Large coffee (skim flat white with 1 equal) - $3
  • Turkish toast with Vegemite - $3
So looking at that, I'm paying $60 a fortnight, just for breakfast, and just on working days! Madness!

I'm not really hungry when I wake up, so I'm still having breakfast when I get to work, but it now looks like this:

  • Large mug of tea (skim milk with 1 equal) - $0 (all supplied by work)
  • Wholegrain toast with Vegemite or peanut butter - $0.64 (based on dividing serves into ingredients costs)
So my new cost is approximately $6.40 for those same 10 breakfasts, a saving of almost 90%!

Keeping this up will save me just over $1230 a year, this will go straight towards a fair sized dent on my debts.


  1. It's incredible how much those small amounts add up to isn't it.
    I've become a 'brown bagger' too. My weakness was junk food in the car on the way to and from work.

  2. It sure is! I'm starting to see that this is the root cause of my problems, not the big stuff, it's the smaller amounts, and lots of them over an extended period that have got me in strife.

  3. As Louise says, its amazing how much we can fritter away on stuff we just dont need. With a bit of forethought and some get up and go we can save so much money. It's so much easier to grab a coffee and turkish bread on the way to work than make it yourself, but the money you can save so makes it worth it. I have treat days - I make lunch at work and drink tea on all days except Tuesdays and Fridays - these are treat days where I'm allowed coffee (it's better for my health too!).