Monday, 24 September 2007

Brown Bagging Update

Today's shop was a personal best to date, only $18.13 for the whole weeks lunch fixings, bargain! Granted there were some leftovers from last week, and I'm pretty much stocked for butter and condiments these days, I was still chuffed though. My deli meats for my rolls came to less than $2 for the whole week!

There were people in the kitchen today actually watching us make up today's lunch, asking us questions about our routine, while admiring our lunches and being shocked at how little it all cost. I think we're becoming quite famous, well on our floor at least.

One girl said we should get our own cooking show!


  1. I'll bet you start something going with you Brown baggin' ! Fact is most of us spend too much on lunch, wonder how many of your colleagues will follow suit once they work out how much they spend.
    It's great you've got a fellow brown bagger too.

  2. AS well the savigns i find I eat healthier food when I take it from home, it used to be a habit to buy hot chips at lunchtime, not good for the budget or the waistline!