Friday, 21 September 2007

Big Win Number 1

I have to say I’m pretty chuffed with myself. I paid off my first credit card today, woohoo

Credit Card 5 - $0 Paid in Full 21/09/2007

It was both my lowest balance and my highest interest rate, so regardless which snowball method you follow it’s all good. It was even one of those pesky store cards.

So the $345 that I was paying every two weeks on that one will now roll onto the next focus card, Credit Card 7.


  1. Wow!! Congratulations! You are doing so well, you are just powering along with this debt reduction. Fantastic effort! very inspiring to read your blog. Cheers

  2. Thanks! It's pretty dramatic at the moment as I've been so mind-numbingly stupid with my money up til now.

    The next card is going to take a few months of throwing everything I've got at it to go away.

  3. Now that I am finally getting organised again I thought I might take you up on your offer to try and work out a cheaper phone option. Sorry to use the post to do it but I can delete it. If this is still ok can you email me? If not thats ok too, thanks

  4. Love your blog ! Amazed at the little things you've discovered that are saving you a small fortune each year.
    Congrats on the demise of the first card.
    The way you are going you will beat your birthday target.

  5. I'm jealous!! I wanna have one of my cards paid off!! Do you have a list of your debts? I couldnt see one on your blog?